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Why have we created this PAC?

Because we love our unique and wonderful way of life in South Puget Sound---this fabulous part of America and Washington State.

And we mean to preserve and enhance it.

We love living here in community with an amazingly wide variety of wonderful people ——— who care about the quality of life of others, AND

---who regularly invest themselves in so many ways to protect and enhance our quality of life here.


Every day . . .  

We are in awe of the extraordinarily beautiful, varied, and rich natural resources of our region; 

We enjoy a robust, diversified economy; 

We look forward to engaging with others who live here;

We appreciate the terrific educational opportunities;

We benefit from excellent health and human services resources;

We take advantage of vast outdoor recreation opportunities.  


How fortunate we are that South Puget Sound is a wonderful place to live, work, raise a family, learn, recreate, engage in community life, and retire. 


 What will the PAC be doing?

  • Supporting local and state candidates, ballot measures, and political organizations who reflect our common values and who will make a critical difference in protecting and improving life in South Puget Sound.

The outcomes of many major issues will have lasting effects on the people of our area.  We must act together to achieve the best outcomes.


  • Continuing our annual Summer Picnic, an opportunity for people to connect and share political information.

Please mark your calendars for the 4th Monday in July, 5-7 pm, Tumwater Falls Park.

We invite you to join us !

We invite you to engage with us in political action to preserve and improve our quality of life here in South Puget Sound.   

We welcome your support:


---volunteer, or

---other (please let us know !)  


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